Middlegate Funding – How to Make it as a Realtor

Middlegate Funding helps realtors maintain an even distribution of profits throughout the year by advancing cash based on their commissions for deals that are in contract form but not closed. Before you can use Middlegate to take advantage of your real estate market fully, you have to be able to close deals and find new clients at all times. Working as a real estate agent is tougher than most people think. Some get into the business thinking that if they have sales experience, they can sell properties and make big profits from the commissions, but the real estate business is more nuanced than that.

Real estate agents have to develop a large network of professionals to help themselves and their clients. Agents should be connectors—intermediaries between clients and the professionals who can help them buy or sell property: contractors, appraisers, lenders, insurance experts, tax advisors, financial planners, and more. Developing relationships with these professionals takes time and patience, but once you have a strong network, your services jump in value to the client, and your commissions grow. Real estate professionals also have to develop some skill in advertising. You have to know what kind of ad campaigns work and which don’t, stay active on social media, and invest widely in neighborhood ads.

MiddleGate Funding helps real estate professionals invest in their advertising campaigns, cover travel costs, and upgrade their offices. The company provides low-cost commission advances on their sales in contract but not yet closed.


About Middlegate Funding

Middlegate Funding provides real estate brokers and agents access to their commissions when they need it. Given that real estate businesses generate commissions as a source of revenue, brokers and agents don’t have the traditional sources of funding that other businesses have. Middlegate provides these businesses access to cash so that they can continue their business operations. Middlegate offers commission advances to agents and brokers throughout United States.
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