Middlegate Funding – Why Commission Advances are Important

Real estate professionals of all stripes are essentially small business owners. Whether they work for a brokerage or not, their income depends on how many property sales they can broker with buyers and sellers. Their commissions is their salary. For most real estate professionals, their income over the year is uneven. They may have considerable income in the first few months of the year, selling valuable properties consistently, but they may have a rough couple months after that. This is where commission advances come in handy. Middlegate Funding, a commission advance company, provides this cash flow solution at a low cost.

As small business owners, real estate agents have to stay on top of their monthly bills as any restaurant, bar, or manufacturing company would. They have to supply their office, pay their monthly power, Internet, and phone bills, and expand their business whenever possible. Staying current on these monthly expenses allows them to avoid interruptions in service, which could result in unhappy clients and unimpressed prospects. Real estate agents have an image to uphold with the customer: that they are in control of the situation and that they are successful. Lacking basic office supplies is unprofessional and a red flag for the customer. Getting commission advances can help to alleviate these potential problems.

Middlegate Funding provides low-cost commission advance services to real estate agents throughout the United States. Its process for receiving commission advances is seamless, transparent, and fast.


About Middlegate Funding

Middlegate Funding provides real estate brokers and agents access to their commissions when they need it. Given that real estate businesses generate commissions as a source of revenue, brokers and agents don’t have the traditional sources of funding that other businesses have. Middlegate provides these businesses access to cash so that they can continue their business operations. Middlegate offers commission advances to agents and brokers throughout United States.
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